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In case you're curious what all of those letters behind my name mean, here's a breakdown of my education and training. I offer this as a window into what has shaped and informed the different types of healing modalities I offer.


If you already follow me or would like to, please read below to be sure you're aware of special boundary considerations and if you're a current client, potential risks to your confidentiality. Thank you so much for your interest in my online content and I hope that you find my social media supportive!

Updated August 14, 2023






Thank you for being here! By visiting this website or any social media page affiliated with (including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) you acknowledge, understand, and agree with the following social media policy and disclaimer:



The intention for using social media for therapists is for marketing, education, advocacy, thought leadership, and providing content related to mental health in a technologically changing field. Reliance on information provided on this page ( and linked pages (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) is solely at your own risk. Bodie (Caitlin) Bryte, MSW, LCSW ( assumes no responsibility or risk for your use of this page. Bodie (Caitlin) Bryte, MSW, LCSW is not liable for any advice or information provided on these sites, all of which is provided on an “as-is” basis, and assumes no liability for diagnosis, treatment, decisions, or actions made in reliance upon information contained on this page or other sites linked to


Legally and ethically, I am unable to provide diagnostic/therapeutic services via e-mail, direct messages, likes, comments, or live appearances on social media websites. Any communication on these platforms (e-mail, “contact,” direct messages, “live” interactions, comments, likes, follows, or reactions) does not constitute a therapeutic relationship and is not implied to be professional mental health, medical, legal, or other advice. These platforms are intended to provide education about mental health and general therapy information. All communication is intended to be generalized educational information. These are not secure and encrypted platforms, so please do not share sensitive information.


A therapist’s social media page is not psychotherapy, a replacement for a therapeutic relationship, or substitute for mental health and medical care. A social media presence as a therapy professional is not seeking an endorsement, request, or rating from past or current clients. No social media posts should be considered professional advice. The information contained in posts is general information for educational purposes only.


Past and current clients risk breaching their privacy and confidentiality by following, liking, re-posting, commenting, and engaging on social media platforms with therapists. A therapeutic relationship is a professional relationship and in today's technological climate, a social media presence or following your therapist on social media is not to be confused with a relationship outside of therapy. Ethical, professional, and therapeutic boundaries must be followed and honored. In order to honor these professional boundaries, ethical nuances, and not engage in and prevent any potential form of dual-relationship, therapist will not follow or friend past or current clients on social media platforms. 


If there are things from your social media sites that you think would be helpful for your therapist to know, please share those things with your therapist during sessions directly. "Direct Messaging" is another risk to your privacy. Remember commenting and messaging between sessions is not a confidential or encouraged means of communication. Please schedule a therapy session to discuss, explore, and ask any treatment related questions or concerns. Social media is not an appropriate medium for sharing therapeutic concerns, questions, comments, or reaching out in crisis to your therapist. 


Please consult your physician or mental health provider regarding advice or support for your health and wellbeing. If you are in crisis and/or suicidal, please call your local 24-hour hotline, 911, or emergency services in your area.



I may update this Social Media Policy and Disclaimer from time to time. I will notify you of any changes by posting the new Social Media Policy and Disclaimer on this page and will update the "Last updated" date at the top of this page. You are advised to review this Social Media Policy and Disclaimer periodically for any changes. Changes to this Social Media Policy and Disclaimer are effective when they are posted on this page.

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