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On this page you'll find my favorite resources for the healing journey. Some of them I've created myself, some of them are created by others, some are books that I've personally found to be a guiding light, some are books that my clients have found supportive along their path, and some are products that could be helpful for your

healing process and/or spiritual practice.

*I have no affiliation with any of the books or products shared below and I do not make any commissions off of them if you choose to purchase them. I simply offer them in case they could be helpful to you like they have been to myself and to my clients. I only created the lists of books and products on Amazon because most people are familiar with how to browse products on there. You are warmly welcome to purchase these items from any retailer you wish to support if you choose to do so. I did create the two meditations listed below, however they are available to listen to for free on Insight Timer.


My free

guided meditations

on Insight Timer


My free

guided meditations

on YouTube

Spotify playlists to soundtrack your

healing journey

Book and Product Recommendations

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