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Below you'll find a listing of the variety of services I am currently offering. I would be honored to walk alongside you on your healing journey in any or all of these ways!


I am a MSW, LCSW and I offer individual mental health therapy services for older teens and adults. These are the traditional 50-55 minute sessions most people are familiar with. I specialize in working with trauma and I am certified in EMDR and trained in ego state therapy techniques while also utilizing CBT, DBT, strengths-based, and attachment theory tools. I am honored to work with a variety of populations including survivors of complex childhood trauma of all kinds, individuals with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder, First Responders, members of the LGBTQ+ community, highly sensitive people and empaths, and individuals with neurodivergence. You can find more details about my therapy practice here and more about the group that I work with here.


I am a Level I/II Reiki Practitioner and I offer 60 minute reiki sessions. Reiki can be helpful for mental and emotional concerns as well as physical concerns. During this 60 minute session, you are welcome to sit or lie down and simply receive the reiki healing energy.


I am a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and I incorporate yoga into my therapy practice for any clients who find this supportive. I am also offering yoga combined with other modalities as you'll see in the offerings below.

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restorative reiki yoga

My newest offering is restorative reiki yoga. This is a 60 minute private session in which I will guide you into a variety of restorative yoga poses which are restful poses supported with yoga props and are typically held for 5 minutes or so at a time. I will then offer reiki while you are settled into each pose. This is a powerful combination that can help to settle and heal the body, mind, and energy body.

Whole person trauma healing intensive

This is a 3-hour intensive session utilizing multiple modalities to help trauma heal in all the places that it is stored. We will work with EMDR and ego state therapy to heal where the trauma is stored in your brain, yoga to help the trauma release from where it might be stored in your body, and reiki to release where it might be stored in your energy body. (Please note this session is only available to current therapy clients due to the trauma work component.)

*I currently offer all of these services in person at the Center for Thriving Relationships in Bloomington, IN.

I am also able to offer individual therapy services virtually to Indiana residents anywhere in the state. 

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